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Microsoft removes the trojan detection

Microsoft has now removed the detection for Smuds and Smuds Lite from the latest Windows Defender malware definitions.

Analyst comments:

We have removed the detection. Please follow the steps below to clear cached detection and obtain the latest malware definitions.

1. Open command prompt as administrator and change directory to c:Program FilesWindows Defender
2. Run “MpCmdRun.exe -removedefinitions -dynamicsignatures”

Alternatively, the latest definition is available for download here:
Thank you for contacting Microsoft.

Is Smuds a Trojan?

I've recently received reports that Windows Defender has started to recognize Smuds and Smuds Lite as various types of trojans. The files have been submitted to Microsoft for validation. Until then you can, if you choose to trust SoftOve and Smuds, add Smuds.exe and SmudsLite.exe to the exclusion list in Windows Defender.

Smuds available for free

All versions of Smuds are currently available for free.

Download and start the application. A free registration key will automatically be downloaded and used with your application. No registration process necessary. The registration key is valid until the end of 2018.

If you have used Smuds before but still want to take advantage of this offer, you first need to clear your expired evaluation key and restart the application.

This is an opportunity you can't afford to miss, enjoy!

SoftOve goes commercial

After a long time of thinking and reconsiderations the decision to go commercial with the SoftOve products have been taken. Free but limited versions of the products will still be available, but more advanced features you will only find in the commercial versions of the products.

With the decision to go commercial the hope is to find more inspiration as well as time to take the products the next level. Within the next weeks you will again find Smuds available for download.

SMuds v3.04 now available

SMuds v3.04 is now available for download. Some of the changes and improvements in this version are:

  • Created a server connect page to make it easier selecting a target server.

  • Added settings for error action and for using transaction on each script step.

  • Added a function to save output from an execution.

  • Added options to automatically save result tables and output messages after execution.

Download SMuds v3.04 to make sure you use the latest version.

SMuds v3.03 available now

SMuds v3.03 is now available for download. Some of the changes and improvements in this version are:

  • Added a checkbox to switch between showing all messages or just the latest messages from each database.

  • Added a checkbox to specify default filter condition as either an excluding or an including expression.

  • Added support for sorting the gridviews on databases page, run page and result pages.

  • Added validation for the database filter textbox.

Download SMuds v3.03 to make sure you use the latest version.

LotSoft ensures quality of Smuds

Smuds - SoftOve Multi Database Scripter 3.02 has been added to the LotSoft's listings. The program has been downloaded and tested by their team, and it has been found free of any viruses, spyware, or adware. give 100% guarantees that Smuds - SoftOve Multi Database Scripter 3.02 is clean and safe for download/install.

SMuds v3.02 released

A small step towards the perfect software was taken this morning with the release of SMuds v3.02. A new option for executing script steps with or without the use of a transaction was added. The default and recommended option is still to run the steps inside a transaction, since this makes the effects of errors and aborts more predictable. There are however some queries and commands that are not allowed to be executed in a transaction. One example is the DBCC command to backup databases to disk in SQL Server.

To make sure you get the most out of this software, download SMuds v3.02 today!

Smuds awarded by Softpedia

100% FREE award granted by Softpedia Smuds - SoftOve Multi Database Scripter has been reviewed by and was assigned the quality mark "100% FREE award granted by Softpedia". Read their excellent, well written and detailed review on their website.

Smuds v3.01 now available

Execute queries on multiple databases in parallel for higher performance Results from all databases presented in one view The popular database tool for SQL Server, Smuds - SoftOve Multi Database Scripter, is now released and available free for download.

Smuds allow you to execute one or many scripts, queries and statements on several databases in on go. The application is optimal for quickly getting information from a system where data is divided into multiple databases.

Smuds can also be used for other administrative tasks such as taking backups, restoring backups or updating the database schema for each database on a server.

The intuitive interface reminds about dialog windows in SQL Server Management Studio making it a trivial task to get started using the application, especially for anyone familiar with this tool.

The application is available as a standalone EXE file and not more than about 200 kB. With its tiny size and without the need for an installation you can keep it close by on a USB stick or just download it whenever you need it. Read more about the application in products.

Startup of

Today we have started the move to a new domain, On this page you will soon find more useful tools and tips from SoftOve.

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